Carol Megathlin, Coordinator

This is a grass roots effort to allow citizens to connect directly with our soldiers while they are in combat.

The Adopt a Soldier Savannah program started in April of 2007 when the 3rd Infantry Division based at nearby Fort Stewart deployed to Iraq as part of the surge. The commanding general, then-Major General Rick Lynch, gave me permission to link his deploying soldiers with patriotic Americans who wanted to help our troops in combat, Since then we have supported 3rd ID brigades and battalions that have deployed periodically to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa.

Word of our program spread among the troops from other Divisions who were deployed alongside our 3rd ID soldiers. When these troops got in touch with me, we began sending packages, letters, and cards to them. Eventually we were supporting units from all branches of the military.

Right now, we have a list of units deployed to difficult areas in the Middle East and Africa. At the beginning of each month, I send out an Adopt a Soldier Update to everyone who has ever participated in our program. We call our soldier supporters “sponsors.” The update serves to keep sponsors apprised of changes in addresses, “stop sending” dates for each unit, and specific requests we get from deployed soldiers from time to time.

This update features items of interest and information for sponsors.Those interested should e-mail me.

Carol Megathlin 

Adopt a Soldier Coordinator

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Carol Megathlin is the author of “Fighting without Fanfare: Honest Thoughts about Human Dilemmas.”