Carol Megathlin, Coordinator

This is a grass roots effort to allow citizens to connect directly with our soldiers while they are in combat.

When a flight of soldiers leaves Hunter Army Air Field in Savannah, GA, for a combat zone, I set up an Adopt-a-Soldier table at the terminal and offer soldiers an opportunity to sign up to be adopted by a civilian while they are deployed. They give me their name, rank, and e-mail address.


Patriotic citizens who want to support our troops then e-mail me directly to be assigned a soldier with his/her e-mail address. The sponsor e-mails the soldier, introduces him/herself, and asks for the soldier’s APO mailing address. The sponsor sends care packages, e-mails and letters to the soldier for the duration of his/her deployment. Many friendships have been established between soldiers and their sponsors.


I send out an occasional update to all the sponsors who have given me their e-mail addresses. This update features items of interest and information for sponsors.

Those interested should e-mail me:

Carol Megathlin 

Adopt a Soldier Coordinator

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Carol Megathlin is the author of “Fighting without Fanfare: Honest Thoughts about Human Dilemmas.”