Standard Information

For information and restrictions on mailing packages to our troops at APO and FPO addresses, see this site:  Click Here

For information about Fort Stewart, where the 3rd Infantry Division is stationed, visit the official website:  Click Here

DO NOT USE RANK in the address when sending packages to your soldier. It is a security issue.


After a service member is killed in action in your soldier’s area of operations (AO), the military imposes a 24-36 hour blackout on all incoming and outgoing email in the AO. This is to ensure that the family is notified of the loss before anyone else back home hears of it.


To check the weather in Afghanistan right now, go to and search for “Qandahar, Afghanistan” for weather in south Afghanistan. For weather in the north, search for Kabul, Afghanistan.


If practical, place items in a Space Bag (available at Walmart or Bed Bath and Beyond) and vacuum out all the air for compression and easier mailing.


PHONE CARD NOTICE: AT&T International Calling Cards will work in Afghanistan. Be careful when purchasing any other International Calling Cards. Call the provider and ask if the cards work for calling the U.S. from Afghanistan. If you know a service member with access to a PX, ask them to buy AT&T phone cards for you.

Soldiers also eat a lot of BEEF JERKY. Below is a reliable Web site that will ship to APO addresses and gives you a discount for shipping to troops:

House of Jerky

To send bags of ground coffee directly to your soldier:

Ranger Coffee (ships to Afghanistan)
Savannah Coffee  (ships to APO addresses)

To get a whetstone to send to your soldier:

Smoky Mountain Knife Works
The item # is SI1075

For Army physical training (PT) shorts, tan T-shirts, and green or tan socks for your soldier:

Acu Army

Fox River – There are some good ones for $12.99 per pair (item #6074)

Fox River sends to APO addresses, free of charge. When you are filling out the shipping address, write “APO” in the blank labeled “city,” then under state, scroll down and choose APO/FPO AE. Then enter your soldier’s zip code. – offers good socks for soldiers. Under products, click on Military. Choose anti-fatigue and/or desert boot.

Please avoid sending multi-packs of socks from Walmart. They are not rugged enough for our troops’ needs.

If your soldier requests gun-cleaning brushes, try Walmart.

If your soldier is at a combat outpost that does not have a microwave, consider sending the Presto PopLite Hot Air Corn Popper, available on for $19.88. You will need to send bags of kernels to use with this. Amazon ships directly to APO addresses.

(If you have to give a phone number for the recipient before the form will let you submit, use your own phone number. If that’s not acceptable, other sponsors have simply made up a number.)

Remember: The Green Beans Coffee Shops, which are located at many bases in Afghanistan, offer civilians an online way to send a Green Beans gift card to a specific soldier. You must know his/her email address and the name of the camp where he/she is located. The card can be for any amount. Go to this website to check it out:

Green Beans Coffee
Before you buy a card for your soldier, click the tab at the top labeled “Locations” to be sure there is a Green Beans shop at your soldier’s base.

AMAZON.COM ships to APO addresses, so you can send almost anything to your soldier by shopping online.


If you would like to order one of these, visit and order:
Item # 14858

If ladies would prefer a pendant, visit this link:
Click Here

and see items #5096A and/or #5094A

I have ordered from these sites and have been happy with the service so far.

As difficult as it may be, you must periodically check ICASUALTIES.ORG for the names of soldiers killed in action. Click on Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom), then click on “Fatalities.”